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Welcome to Winchester Urology. Based in Hampshire, Andrew Adamson is a highly experienced Urology Consultant who is fully qualified and trained in all aspects of urology. He prides himself in providing an informative opinion in a friendly, compassionate and understandable manner. Andrew delivers a quality service for a wide range of conditions. Assessment commences with an appropriate medical history and physical examination and where applicable, advice on relevant investigations with a view to a balanced presentation of treatment options. 

Based in Hampshire, we deliver our services to the people of Winchester, Andover and Southampton, providing a range of clinical investigations and treatments, some of which are outlined below


Scrotal swelling refers to an enlarged scrotum on a male. Usually non-worrying, rapid clinical and radiological diagnosis of conditions is important to confirm the nature of the swelling and ensure that conditions such as hydroceles and cysts are accurately diagnosed and more worrying swellings such as testicular cancer are excluded.


Blood in urine is also known as ‘Haematuria’. The most common cause of haematuria in the UK is infection but it can be the hallmark of more worrying or significant pathology. For comprehensive assessment of this potentially serious problem as day case in our private urology clinic in Hampshire– contact us today to ensure the infection doesn’t get worse.


Bladder Outflow Obstruction is a blockage at the base of the bladder, commonly found in men of all ages. This condition may be obstructive in slowing down or stopping the urine flow out of the bladder causing variable difficulties and affecting ones, quality of life. Appropriate assessment and treatment, both tablet or surgical, can improve hugely a man’s symptoms.


As a surgeon specialising in Urology, Andrew Adamson’s extensive training and experience under-pins the service he provides. Within this site you will find details of his training, academic pedigree and more on some of the clinical treatments provided. You will also find links to independent web-based information resources to allow objective assessment of common urological conditions and how to further treat these conditions. He feels this is important as objectivity is sometimes missing in other’s opinions.  For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Winchester Urology today, we are a private urology clinic based in Hampshire that work towards providing a high quality service with a broad range of high quality urological expertise. 


"judged 93% excellent, 7% good in Professionalism of consultation in Independent survey of clinical consultations involving 166 patients”